Welcome to my blog!

Are you a little lost? Here are a few things you can filter down below!

Destinations: Places I’ve been to, obviously. I give a little breakdown of what I’ve done in different cities and maybe a little note here and there. Take a look if you’re interested to see some places and what they look like. Sidenote – still needs to be updated 😉

Lifestyle: Experiences of what I’ve done in my daily life, personal thoughts when I feel like ranting, Quotes of Inspiration for Wisdom Wednesday, and things that I’ve crafted!

Photos: Featuring Photo Sets with people I’ve worked with or from places that I’ve snapped a flick of. I also like to showcase a Photo of the Month.

Videos: Ugh, my favorite. I love making highlights of events from my experiences and vacations, or even experiences with DGB. Some of these videos are made from either one of us.

And who exactly is DGB? This is him 🙂

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