Los Angeles Trip

March was compiled of a few mini-trips and birthday celebrations… everywhere- so I have been a bit busy. Ans since spring break is also over and done with, I finally have the time to wind down until my trip to Cabo!party

In the first weekend of March, one of my best friends and I tooka small vacation trip to the LA area. Although I am born and raised in California, it is rare for me to take a nice trip down to the Southern California area. Since I am not really quite familiar with Los Angeles, my good friend and I took this opportunity to act as tourists. We originally had an itinerary laid out where we would be able to enjoy the sun with a hike, surfboarding, few drive-arounds, and stopping by a couple eateries.Now LA is normally known for it’s undeniable and beautiful beach weather, but unfortunately the weather did not play in our favor that weekend. Instead of a gazing sun, we experienced cold walk through the nonstop pouring rain. This caused a delay in our Friday flight by what was first at four hours, then led to 6. And instead of having a Friday night out in Los Angeles, we ended up hanging around and meeting folks at the airport bar. Eventually we hopped on the plane but we were completely wiped out as soon we landed. Considering the fact it was 3am but the time we settled in the hotel, we simply knocked out.

Saturday consisted of more and more rain! We had to cancel our original plans of surfboarding, taking a walk on the pier, and hiking- such a bummer. However, we did stop by food places! Since I have been starting to work out again, I made sure that I used this day as a cheat day to eat some yummy food! Two main places that everyone must try when visiting in the LA area is Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and Porto’s Bakery and Cafe (when visiting Porto’s, be sure to get the guava cheese rolls! I wasn’t able to get one and everyone said I should have tried it.)

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That Saturday night, we stopped by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where we were able to see the famous lights per below! Afterwards, we took a stroll and barhopped in Hollywood/Sunset were we were also to take a peak at the red carpet. Workers were preparing for the Oscars that was to occur the day after.442014 286

Though I am a bit disappointed that we were not able to surfboard or hike, I am still content with the drive around LA, visiting places such as the Warner Bros Studios and Beverly Hills. The Sunday after, my friend and I just had a small brunch in the hotel and headed back to San Francisco.

We do plan to make another trip to LA when the weather is scorching hot and beautiful and when we have more time. We were told by LA natives that the weather has not been that crazy in over a year which is a bummmmmer. We are also planning to make sure that we stay around for the Oscars the next year- if we do go!

This mini trip has definitely taught me to double check for any events occurring in the area. Need to keep that in mind! If you have any suggestions for any activities or restaurants to try in Los Angeles, please feel free to let me know!

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