Where have I been?!

It’s been such a drought without any updates!

It’s been months since I’ve updated anything… a year or two really. Keeping track with how life has been going is simply tedious. It’s tough to be a consistent blogger so props to those who can do it!

Just a quick post of a few highlights from the past two years


  • Obtained my BS degree! You’re reading a blog from a Marketing Major 🙂
  • Traveled to Brazil (Rio, Brasilia), Washington DC, LA (for so many times), Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas (For so how many times again?!)
  • Became involved with my sorority again and served a one year time as National Vice President focusing in on Philanthropies
  • Currently Planning for Hawaii and Philippines – and another LA and Vegas trip
  • I became even more involved with Fitness!
  • Joined a new halau and committed to the Island hobby of dancing.
  • Became a San Francisco bartender
  • Quit the bartending lifestyle and landed a new job in Marketing Training Planning

It’s a bit scary to evaluate what one can go through in two year’s times. I’ve traveled and met new friends, tried adopting a dog, tried picking up more jobs while in school, and now finally finding bits of sanity after the course of these events.


When you take a look back at what you achieved, sometimes one could have never guessed that they would end up achieving such things.

Now that I’m in the process of revamping my website/blog, I hope I can offer you some exciting insights about traveling in the young 20s! 🙂

**gif not designed by me**

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