Why a 5-Year Plan is Important in Your Young 20’s

Lately, I have been thinking a bit into the future – and it’s not just out of random, but out of noticing my close friends passing milestones.

Since I’ve graduated high school, a numerous amount of people I’ve known has either had a baby, maybe two or three times, or have tied the knot. These people are not significantly my close friends, but they were people I knew by face and name yet still congratulated through Facebook or Instagram. Nothing wrong with getting married or having babies, it just wasn’t for me at that age. I’ve always had this notion that I wasn’t going to have my own kid until “5 years from now”  – and to be real, I’ve probably said this statement every year since I was 19.


Now that I’m out of college, my close friends are either having a baby or just announced an engagement. Then it hits me – HOLY FUCKING SMOKES. I mean, I’m obviously super excited for my friends and for their next chapter in their lives, it’s just that this milestone happening to people close to me made me realize that I really need to figure out what the hell am I really trying to do with my life. LOL. But it’s not like I’ve never had a plan before. Back in college, I’ve had the same ol’ plan any other college student would have: graduate in 4-5 years time, get a job, get your car, start your career. Having already accomplished this though, I still haven’t even reevaluated a new plan. And now, I’m thinking that maybe I should since I’m getting to that age where people do start their family or at least know what the hell they’re doing for the next few years.

I mean I’m not saying, GET MARRIED NOW, especially when you’re not ready. I’m saying that I’m getting into the realization that I need to figure out what the hell I want now. I’m 23, what’s my plan?!

Above all, Why is it so important? And why should we continuously have a 5-year plan?


We’re young… we’re entrepreneurs. We’ve always wanted to feel some sort of accomplishment during our college years – especially when it came to all-nighter papers and retaking classes 2 or 3 times in a row… but we’ve pushed ourselves to a degree in order to get that degree! It’s smart to have a plan because it gives that extra motivation to move forward with our lives. Why lose the push after we graduate and end up “going with the motion” with our careers? We forget that a plan for ourselves is what allowed us to finish college itself and then get the car and a job that we’ve wanted. We are known to be the next generation of founders with the possibility of finding the next “Apple” or invention. With inventing a plan, it is our chance to take the appropriate steps to make a difference, to be something to change others people’s live. Imagine what we can do by setting goals in our lives to become more successful – to pass our limits.


We’re the ones who set the limits for ourselves, expand it. What’s actually scaring us to move to the next level? Could it possibly be that we choose to rather “live in the moment” everyday? No lie, the partying and drinking the gallons of Hennessy with your friends every weekend, or every other weekend, is unexplainably fun. We like to stay at our prime, and in fact, we LOVE it. But who says we can’t have that when we get older every OTHER weekend as well? (Okay, realistically, we can try!! And it’s still going to be fun because we’ll still have stories!!!) Expand our minds and set our goals while having the time of our lives. It’s having a time for fun and work. Just set your limits, prioritize it, and once you surpass it, reevaluate and set a higher one. Even if it feels too high, “aim for the moon and land amongst the stars”.


The future you will thank you. Imagine us now and compare it to ourselves 5 years ago. Think about this: if you’re 23 or 24 now, are you proud of yourself at 18 or 19? For sure there were a few tune-ups I could have done for myself (I’m only human), but honestly, the me at 23 THANKS 18-year-old me. If I wasn’t an ambitious, young adult (still am – I think!),  I probably wouldn’t be as happy I am with my life today. Simple and straight to the point.

I’m not saying “LET’S RUSH to five years!!!”. No. I’m saying live progressively and essentially to be proud of yourself 20 years from now. That’s why a 5-year plan and the road to take you to your goal is is important. Seriously, what should I expect by the time I’m 28? Kids? Marriage? I can’t honestly imagine it right now, but I’m definitely gathering my thoughts for my own personal 5-year plan, or 10-year plan. It may not go the way in which I would want it to, but it’s going to make me a happy individual in the future for the trying and efforts. And seriously, it is a bit scary, but that’s what life is about at this age. Plans give us a reason to find out what we can do and how far we are able to extend our internal motivation.


Feel free to share your 5-year plan in a comment below. Would love to hear it!


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