May Daze in the Bay

Other than the Gender Reveal Planning, I’ve spent every other weekend attending some sort of event. Never realized how busy May was, but I’ve conquered it!

Of course, we’ve had the lovely Mother’s Day where this time around I’ve spent quality time at my mom’s house (and brought some delicious Honolulu cookies). Figured that this year it was only right to have some QT with mom since I’ve been busy with festivities and focusing on my big girl job. It’s the memories that count, not always materialistic things. Besides – I’ve given her material gifts in the past for Mother’s Day 😛 However, if you haven’t spent time with your mom, I always advise to try to aim at least once a month to visit her -it keeps a balance on life!

There was also the Foster City Polynesian Festival (which can be found here: Foster City Fun). This festival has been around for 13 years and counting! With its free admission, you can join in on some cultural activities, shows, canoe rides, and yummy food – Perfect for the family, amirite?! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay around long for this since DGB and I had plans to spend time with family in the East Bay, but I did have the opportunity to dance at the Leo Ryan Park Ampitheatre. This festival is fairly growing and would definitely recommend to stop by (because you know, the food… and the admission is free).

save-new (1)
Manuia at Foster City Polynesian Festival


We’ve also had the crazy Warriors vs OKC Series where DGB and I was able to attend Game 1. Warriors lost this one (and words cannot even fathom how upset I was) but it was definitely ANOTHER great experience. DGB and I also attended Game 1 last year for the Western Conference Finals so it was only right to go again (but of course, with a win). Nonetheless, our voices were lost and so was the Hennessy, so you know it was poppppinnn’.

Annnnd Memorial Day weekend was also quite eventful. Friends from all across the bay were graduating! So Congrats to Class of 2016!

I was able to head to AT&T Park again for a graduation, and obviously not myself as a graduate, but as a sober visitor to see my Sorority Sisters, and a few other friends/classmates, graduate! This is the 2nd year in a row where San Francisco State University has held their Graduation Ceremony at the Giants Stadium (and must I say, I was blessed to be a graduate in its 1st year, heyyy). And it’s still unbelievable how the staff can manage 7834915 graduates in this stadium. Grads can actually walk around, order some beer, order some garlic fries, take pictures with friends, etc, which is probably the few of the many benefits of hosting this graduation at this park – main benefit being that you can see the Giants trophies!  However, in my preference, it’s still a bit unorganized with it’s timing and security, but you know, they’re getting there.

And to end this month, our group of friends stopped by San Francisco Carnaval (missed the parade, unfortunately but hopes to get better luck next year seeing the parade) but did get to stop by the little Carnaval “fair” on 19th and Harrison. It was so hard for me to enjoy this too because I was suffering from another friend’s outing the night prior for her graduation. No ragrets, lol, just thought I could survive better without feeling like that. However, personal thought, it’s really weird why Carnaval in San Francisco is in May. Carnaval in Brazil is held for so long until Easter, so why is it in May? San Francisco – I need answers!!

There is nothing like finishing the weekend with the sweet victory of the Golden State Warriors for Game 7 on Memorial Day. I was nervous but we got the win! 88-96 Baby!

BTW, Happy Birthday to my nephew and my older brother! Birthdays were during Memorial Weekend 🙂

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