Twenty-Four with Love

This past weekend, I’ve celebrated 24 years of Life.

Now I know, it’s not quite the milestone number, but it in a humorous perspective – I can say it is the start of the mid-twenties.

And here in this mid-twenties, it would mark the second year out of college, the second year of your big-girl job, second year of paying twice as much as bills as you did in college. The transition over to this stage providing a reality check saying “HELLO, YOU’RE ADULTING” and there’s more going to come because you’re soon going to have kids!

But let’s not get scared a bit right now and touch on that subject because yet through the adulting phase, we are still considered young; young and fun because that’s what is expected in your twenties. And I did mention before that I wouldn’t lose the fun lifestyle even as the years go by, no matter what it is. Life brings you happiness and you take advantage of it while you can. Then there goes the not happy – though there’s bills and stress and five year plans that needs consistent updating, this mid-twenty phase is just the phase were you notice you already have your best friends and it’s not going to change – To me anyway.

What do I mean? I’ve noticed that every year since about 12 years old, I’ve celebrated my birthday with many, different people. Family friends coming by with their kids and the best friends you had came and went. As the years went on, friends drifted, few kept celebrating with you, and new friends come by and join in on the celebration. And on this birthday weekend, though I must have taken in so much more alcohol than my own trip to Vegas when I turned 21, I’ve became more than extremely grateful for the friends I have.

Now let me get this straight – I am not despising for those who didn’t hang out with me or have been to my birthday in the past and didn’t come around. LOL. Every person is different! I am of course thankful for knowing my friends in the past, because every person has shown me how much I’ve grown as a person. I’m grateful for the people I’ve surrounded myself in, because “as much as people refuse to believe it, the people you keep do have an impact on influences and choices”.

And because of every friend and family, you are who you are today. Though many couldn’t make it out, I am appreciative and thankful for the impact my friends and family made on my life. Because of them, I’m in this stage of adulting. And because of them, I’m continuing to grow and move forward to the path of success.

I have been filled with utmost love through everyone and God never fails to remind me how blessed I am through the small things such as a 24th birthday celebration. I’m so thankful for my friends that I consider family. Just a note: “Surround yourself with good people who encourage and love you. There are always ups and downs, no matter how successful you are.” – Liana Liberato

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