How to Bullet Journal (First Time)

I am a bit late but at least we’re still in the first month of the year, so Happy New Year! Have you made any New Year Resolutions??

My NYE Resolutions hasn’t always been deemed as a big deal. Because I’ve always had an endless to-do list and always tried to keep the “get my life a little more together” thing a priority, I’ve always felt that maybe adding another NYE resolution to my little wittle bitty ol’ brain would just be another “to-do” on the list that would need to get done… EyeRoll. But then I realized, I kindaaaaaaa need to get this to-do list thing a little more together.

So technically, I don’t really need a NYE Resolution, until I found out about the bullet journal.

I have way too many things in my brain that have BEEN lying around for me to get done so a bullet journal to me can figure out to be the root of all my resolutions. I’m a human being, I am a forgetful person, so here’s my “tad” resolution but not really: Get a Bullet Journal (and complete the journal because I need to get things done!).

I am not unorganized. In fact, I’m actually pretty TOO organized that I stress about organizing (i.e. “I need to put these folders in drives and put folders in these folders”). Like yo, come on now, a bullet journal resolution for the root of all resolutions, go figure. A bullet journal actually eases away the stress, because of dude – it’s a notebook and you get to write out your thoughts. You’re doing something. Remember in school when you felt productive and you were writing things down, feeling like you were getting things done? Bam. Here it is. Productivity. and it’s not homework.

But Uhm…. I have a smartphone to help me prioritize things.  


Yus, Yus, whatever – “there’s an app for that”. Believe me, I’ve tried to use a couple of apps – but I would forget to log-in EVERYDAYYYY, or I became too lazy to look at the phone, open the app, look at it all through again and then suddenly my eyes are burningggggggg. Seriously, I don’t need to depend on technology to get things done. Remember when the good old days’ people used to write letters to each other?! (So cute, just a side thought) – but people were able to keep the letters if they wanted to! You get to keep THIS and store it. Just imagine yourself writing your thoughts… and then not “deleting” it on accident or on purpose. Pro.

Scientifically, writing things down do also help remember things better (Take a Look at How via MedicalDaily). The feeling of a pen in your hand, crossing things out, and the ability to write things down once in a while feels mesmerizing.

Why do I Really Need it?

Well for starters, it’s cute (or maybe it doesn’t have to, you can use it for a variety of things, and it feels great to not have ALL your information on the web. Plus, Technically, it’s not exactly a “journal” or “diary” per se, neither is it a total “planner”. It’s just a cross between all to keep everything consolidated so you don’t have to feel so corny about it.

Also sometimes when we’re really stressed and suddenly start reaching a breaking point, you end up having no idea what to do with yourself. All these things “bad” things start running through your mind like you have so much shit to get done and I am suchhhhhhh a mess. But when you write it all down, and take a look back at it, it’s not bad as you thought. And if it is as bad as you thought, use your journal and pull in an exercise to write solutions next to your problems. The feeling of that coming right off your palm is soothing.

Now if you’re sold…..


1. Get A Journal (Obvi)

Okay, don’t think too hard. Get yourself a journal that fits YOU – would you be more productive with a huge notebook in your hand? A handheld? A medium-sized one? Do you even like lines???? Or do you want to feel a little more free-spirited and keep your pages BLANK? No Spiral? Spiral? What kind of Spiral?

Since it is your first, don’t get anything too expensive, (then you’re stressing off $20 on a journal that you can use for tacos). You’re figuring out what you would like to write in your journal as time pass by.

For a Personal note for myself… I’m not getting a spiral notebook next time. I flip through the pages too much, lol.

2. Your Main Goal is to finish the Journal (And Don’t think too Hard). 

That’s really what it is – no pages left over. Just thinking of this specific goal allows you to feel more care-free and to grasp the idea that “look, I can just write out any of my thoughts”. Doesn’t matter.

Yes – there is a possibility you’re going to finish the journal in less than a year, but who cares?? It’s a damn notebook. It’s made for that. Just grab another, maybe transfer all your to-do’s from the journal before, and don’t stress off it too much 😉

3. What to put in there?

Like I said, Ideas are everywhere. Your mind is free. You’re not obligated to do things a certain way. It’s YOURS. But how do you continue a stress-free writing practice? I wanted to be less organized and more carefree, so a few things that I’ve questioned while searching for what to place in my journal seemed a little too “required”

  • First Page
    • Personally, my first page is filled with my NYE resolutions – natural habits that I want to change to make me “feel” like a better person. (And if you’re not reading this around NYE, that’s fine – make your “SELF RESOLUTION”, cross it out when finished.)
  • Color-Coding
    • I don’t do this now, but it may help you out since I’m starting to scramble through the list.
    • You may want to color code the Monthly Things, to do the Weekly things, then possible things that you may want to keep track of. Maybe keep a page for yourself to decide.
  • Do you really need an index page? 
    • Honestly, I just scratched this out because it just makes me feel that everything has to fit in the certain section of pages. It helps to be a little more carefree. I just write an idea of a page as I go.
  • To-Do List
    • One of the reasons why you bought a journal right?
      • I have a Daily to-do list, which I really use on days when I feel that I’m overwhelmed with errands.
      • I also have a long-term Project to-do list in a case where I really don’t have a deadline but I know it needs to get done sometime this year.
      • I also have a month to-do list just so I won’t forget that I have to get something done at a certain time of the year.
      • “Last time you did…” to do list. This is a great way to Keep tabs of your hygiene and cleanliness.
  • At-a-glance Calendar
    • Okay, this one is really useful. (Advice, may want to use a pencil at first to draw out your calendar because mistakes happen)
    • This is helpful because, obviously, you have an idea of your habits at a glance. I keep day-to-day tracking habits of how often I drink and how often I wear my retainers. Figure out what you want to pinpoint for the year – like if you want to keep track of how often you get sick, or how often you get super sad.
  • Healthy/Fit Lifestyle
    • Athlete?
      • Make a goal of what you’re trying to do and track your progress by month or week. The end result is always fun to look at!
      • I made an Ab-counter to ensure I don’t hurt the gains 😉 Keeping track of my core workout and aiming for higher makes me feel so much better!
    • Healthy Meal Plan
    • Cheat Food Tracker
      • I usually keep this by month because I love to eat and it’s soon hard to change lol
  • Blogger? 
    • I kept a little checklist to make sure I blog consistently. I’ll leave this creativity up to you, but a few pointers that help may be to give yourself deadlines, or a checklist for each month, things that you want to talk about it in categories. Just a few pointers!
  • Wish List!
    • Okay, so I have so many! I have a makeup wish list, house makeover wish list, and a general wish list that you can’t categorize because it’s too. much. work.
  • Movies/Shows I need to watch!
    • So many shows that I need to binge on, yet not sure when to find the time. This is a great note to look at when you finally have free time in your hands or finally have access to Netflix.
  • Drawings and the Free Mind
    • Thoughts, art, little doodles are always welcome in your little book – well anything is welcome because it’s yours. Some days you’ll feel irked and others you feel really excited.
  • Ideas to Change Up your Journal Writing Skills
    • Last but not least, you may want to leave notes for yourself for the future you. It helps 🙂

4. What if I messed up on a page?

Okay. Cross it out. LOL. We’re not perfect. That was the problem with me and writing before – “Oh, Shit, Now I HAVE TO RIP THIS WHOLE FRIKKIN PAGE OUT.” I wouldn’t stress on white-out, but that’s just me. If you want to, that’s fine.

But no, you don’t need to. Really. It’s cool to look back and see how you’re writing and patience have bloomed

5. Have fun!
It’s you talking to yourself! Write out your thoughts and have fun!

Now you’re ready to bullet journal, so journal on!


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