Hawaii (I miss you)

So on this past Thursday, Facebook reminded me that DGB and I were in Hawaii exactly a year ago. At this exact time last year, we were on a boat headed back from swimming with the turtles (ugh I missssss it) I miss the breeze, the clear waters, and the activities that he and I were able to “bond” over. With the balance of what was his first time and my third time (spent with family), it helped us clutch such a great first trip out of California together.

Our first day felt like a movie due to Airbnb dissatisfaction. But despite the screw over/come back from Airbnb (which prevented us from settling down until five hours after landing), I still feel the sense of euphoria every time I think of Hawaii.

Below is just a recap of some snippets from Oahu. We do plan on going back and I have so much more recommendations/reminders for when we go back 🙂

Pearl Harbor:

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Dole Plantation: 

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North Shore: 

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Although I don’t have exact photos from our other activities such as Parasailing, visiting the Swap Meet, Top of Waikiki, or even from Snorkeling – here are few other shots we’ve taken:

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Besides taking a look at these photos – I like to take a look at some videos. For a more visual insight, Take a look at our Highlight Video here from Hawaii last year

Mahalo ia oe’!

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