Knuck if You Buck

I probably should have taken more pictures but… who cares – we took another flight!

Knuck if you Buck song is stuck in my head…. because DGB & I took a last-minute trip to the city of Vegas.


I’ve been here a handful of times and I’ve had so much good food, preferences of places to go to, and memories built up. For this time around though, not so much good food, just your ritual Fat Tuesday and more drinks!


Which by the way DGB and I looked for 2 hours for the 24 hour Fat Tuesday spot on a Saturday (and all the way on the other side of The Strip) just to find out it’s closed.

And for those who haven’t been to Vegas, I do have some suggestions for you… But first, since it was only a 2-day trip – and I didn’t take too many pictures of the views or the food I ate (and I probably had like one decent meal anyway) – I will share the enjoyment of the weekend first.

Looking back at my phone (because obviously I wasn’t going to bring my camera, and GoPros aren’t allowed inside all clubs – trust me we tried), I took about 3 random things: The Titanic model, our Chinese food dinner at Rice & Co, and gelato that I wasn’t even planning to eat (it just looked so prettyyyyy to me……….)

Anywho, some snippets of our time there was short-lived so just went to clubs, clubs, 26 hours of no sleep, clubs… had some fun with bottle service at clubs – clutch for the girls wearing heels. Now… what clubs you say?

Tao Beach Club (@ The Venetian)


One Oak (@ The Mirage)


And since it was pouring rain on Sunday, we waited for the night’s outing at The Bank (@Bellagio)


Here are some few other flicks from the rest of the outing (mind you, taken by snapchats or iPhone camera using iPhone 6-7)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we took off Monday, Monday, Monday for a whole day’s rest…. until I’m back at it again next month hoping to take more pictures.

This week has been tough since I feel like that the whole day of Monday’s rest wasn’t enough… but it’s the weekend now and I have more busy things to do since it’s Mother’s day weekend… so Cheers to all you mothers!


**All Gifs not Created by Me**

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