Three Years!

Well hey there and Happy September! (and halfway through the month)


I can now consider that my first week of September is always eventful! DGB and I love to go MIA and celebrate each other during this time because of… our anniversary! – HAPPY 3 YEARS BB!

Before we start, here is this blog’s places-to-go-to recommendations:

For our first 2 years of celebrating (which you might already know from past posts), he and I would head down to LA and go to Disneyland during the Labor Day weekend… oh, how I miss Disneyland so much. But since our anniversary is on the 5th and also landing on a Tuesday, we decided to not travel that weekend but the weekend after. That being said, the first weekend we celebrated in the bay area, and the second out of town (and with a record-breaking 105 degree in SF!). I supposed this called for a two-weekend-celebration!

Friday night we started it out with some sushi right after work. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from Elephant Sushi, but their selection is fireeeee. Despite what Yelp said, they do NOT have Sake Bomb, but we still signed up for the regular price. I suppose you can call this sushi spot somewhat a bit bougie sushi compared to the other places in SF.

And what can one grab here at Elephant? I personally suggest to definitely grab the sakes and the “Ya Man Roll” – the combination of these two will have you SET for dinner. Don’t hesitate to grab anything else! Pretty much anything here was good.

Now why sushi? Because DGB thought we could start the weekend there because of me. Because I love sushi oh so much. **Note: Restaurant wait is long, come within 30 minutes of opening.


Now for SATURDAY. DGB had our whole day planned and he wanted to leave it as a surprise (I think this is adorbs since I plan everything a lot lol). He first tackled the massage appointment for us in the morning because he said he’d knew I might have guessed that, but then we had a Paint Nite in the Afternoon at Ristorante di Palermo !

Our teacher had all the jokes, mind you, ADULT JOKES. Well duh, it’s painting and WINE so I hope you’d figure this isn’t for the kid’s. As for the menu at the restaurant, you also grab pretty much anything because it is all yummy for the tummy. Tip on the wine: I advise for you to purchase a bottle for yourself (it’s cost-effective).

Post-paint and wine: we went our way through to grab some MORE wine – so we went wine tasting at Urbano Cellars! This place is a little small but they do have a $10 for 10 wine tasting price that you can’t just deny. Get two of those! Even though the interior is a little cozy and small, they do have some neat artwork that they change around often. We got lucky to stumble upon a dope backdrop-sort-of painting.

Lastly, for the Saturday, we end it off with some Ice Cream at Sweet Belly! I never knew this place existed and must I tell you… their green matcha donut is PERFECT! (must. go. back, must. go.back)



The interior of the shop also has some cute, hipster vibes so you can take a quick look at little trinkets while you’re waiting in line.

It was a quick Sunday for us. DGB thought it would be cute to just give me a little photo shoot. So here’s one sneak peek for ya:


Monday was the rest day, and Tuesday was the day of our official anniversary! We didn’t call off work, but we did clean up nicely for a French Restaurant that DGB made reservations for. Totally forgot the name, but it was just perfect and candle-lit.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

And on to the next weekend (Aka this past weekend) – DGB and I went to Seattle, and I got loads of things to share with you guys so check that out on my next post-release! 😉

Not bad for a three-year celebration, I’m always looking forward to the more years to come with him!

Love you boo!


**All Gifs not designed by Me**

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