Two Days in Seattle!

What does one do in the Coffee Capital in the World??

where is coffee.gif
DGB and I swapped another cheap flight deal that worked perfectly with the anniversary celebration!!
Seattle Map!
A Map of the Places we Visited!
Before we start, here is this blog’s places-to-go-to recommendations (and as our trip went as followed):
In case you haven’t noticed already, the boyfriend and I are quick tourists! Yes, we love sight-seeing, but for some reason, we could only stare at things for so long. This may have the pros and cons, but it’s clutch when we want to only take weekend trips.
I suppose Seattle is one of those few cities that we were able to knock a weekend trip in especially since it’s only a 2-hour flight. And just like our trip to Portland, we left San Francisco at 7am!

STOP #1: ~30 mins

Our first stop for BREAKFAST – Biscuit Bitch! Meaning, everything biscuit… bitch. 
This southern-inspired food chain is everywhere in Seattle and I just had to try ANY of their biscuit options. So with the quickness, I went with the Bitchwich and DGB went with the Cheesy Pork n’ Bitch. It was so filling! So would you be surprised that we BOTH didn’t finish our own meals?
That being said, the biscuit here is HEAVY so you’ll for sure be filled up with this breakfast! This place is a must-go-to especially considering the food is quick AND yummy!

STOP #2: ~5 mins

Top Pot Doughnuts is a chain of donut restaurants that was found in Seattle in 2002, which is now also known as their “donut empire”. Top Pot is kind of like your local Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts spots in your area.
Now, why did I stop by here? Because President Obama loved these donuts!! (blog.seattle.pi, Business Insider). He ordered two boxes full of these donuts when he visited Seattle back in 2010!
Unfortunately, I didn’t stop by the same shop that he went to, but no big deal because I just wanted to try the donut he craved for (and it was right there by Pike Place Market). I had the classic, glazed old-fashioned donut.
If you have an interest in stopping by the exact shop where he visited, the shop is located on 5th Avenue in Belltown. Top Pot also sells souvenirs and T-shirts.

STOP #3: ~60 mins

Starbucks! Ah. The First ever OFFICIAL Starbucks Coffee Shop. Yes, waiting in the line and actually waiting for your coffee did take approximately 60 mins. So if you’re really fiending for coffee and need your rush, do not, I REPEAT, do not come here first. This may be different for you, but when we arrived, the wait in the line was only 20-25 minutes, and the waiting game after that is about a good 35-40 mins (Just to grab DGB’s iced macchiato!).


Since I am simple with my coffee game (because all I need is regular coffee and milk), I made sure I bought a souvenir so it’s not like I totally wasted my time here.


If you like coffee or not, it’s a GIVEN to come here. People from all over the world visit here and you’ll know it because of the amount of tourists taking pictures.



STOP #4: ~105 mins

The iconic Pike Place Market is the main place we toured around on Day 1. Mind you that this is where The First Starbucks Shop resides in.
I made sure to take my TIME here because I wanted to take in what the market offers. It’s an awesome place to go “window shopping” due to its many local shop vendors and their seafood market. It’s basically a central Farmer’s Market for Seattleites! You have flowers for sale, jewelry, and not just fish… you also have crabs and lobsters for sale too.
When we got a bit hungry, we took a lunch break at Pike Place Chowder (**inserts salivating emoji**).
Pike Place Chowder is located in Post Alley and it is not hard to miss due to its line! You can find several other restaurants here, but I believe that the Pike Place Chowder line is the main thing you will find here (per the picture below). The line was about a 40-minute wait, but you do get your food right away. You also can’t sit at any tables unless you get your chowda.


Yasssss.. we had the Crab & Oyster Chowder, mixed with chorizo, oysters, and crabmeat! Surprisingly, you can’t really taste the chorizo, but If I do come back, I’m grabbing the Seafood Bisque!


We then made a trip over to the Gum Wall (yes, kinda disgusting, but it’s a look). It’s not PACKED here, but there are a handful of people who come by to see the gum wall. This site only really takes like 5 minutes, but if you try to get your Instagram pictures on punto, it should only take 15 minutes.
On the Way to the Gum Wal!
My Fail Gum Picture
There are so many other things to see at Pike Place Market. You have the guys who throw fish at each other across the way (only if someone purchases one and it’s pretty dope to watch them throw and yell) and you have interesting prints that would make as the perfect gift for friends and family. Also, you’d be so amazed by the SIZE of the seafood. Don’t touch any of ’em, or you’ll have to buy it 😦
My pro tip for anyone who visits the seafood market- buy the seafood here! You’ll have a taste of Seattle that you can bring home to your Airbnb (or if you have a kitchen in your hotel room) and cook for yourself.

STOP #5: ~35 mins

We wanted to make our way over to The Seattle Great Wheel, but first, we stopped by Seattle Beer Co.. because my lovely DGB realized we haven’t drank all day haha. We just so happened to see this on the way from the Pike Place Market to The Great Wheel.


The staff here is VERY friendly and they also offer flights of beers here! We didn’t grab any of the flights that they offer (maybe next time), but you can’t go wrong with beer in Seattle.

STOP #6: ~45 mins

So I purchased tickets beforehand for the Seattle Great Wheel because I wasn’t sure how long the line was going to be… aaaand the line was short (of course).

I’m not sure if it was because of the time of day that we went for the line to be so short, but I still consider it a plus because all we had to do was go STRAIGGGHT to the wheel. They also have beers for you while you wait in line! And because the Wheel goes around not once, not twice, but 3 times, it is definitely safe to say that it is worth to get on the ride.

Great Wheel

STOP #7: ~35 mins

Alas, we made our way over to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. The only Roastery in the world where you can drink coffee inside a roastery.

It’s pretty neat! Other than browsing and window shopping for some souvenirs (because apparently selling souvenirs is the thing in Seattle), you can either sit at the bar and be served by baristas or find a table and welcome yourself to order at the cashier.

We were lucky enough to sit at the bar! We dove straight into their main coffee flight with a side of a chocolate truffle cookie. If you have an interest in the coffee flight, prepare to be caffeinated and be sure to share the coffee amongst your friends. It’s about a “tall” amount of coffee in each pot, and you start from right to left.



STOP #9: ~35 mins

We went out right away to check out the Seattle Night Life. DGB and I are hip-hop peeps and love some of that good hip-hop music in the club. Coincidentally, DGB looked at Seattle’s nightlife and recommended one that he found the one for us… and come to find out that I actually found the same club he mentioned!


We signed up for the guest list, prepped up a bit, had our drinks and went straight to Aston Manor. Not a bad huge venue and a recommendable hip-hop scene for those looking for a night out. Of course, we ate our Biscuit Bitch leftovers to fuel up before we started drinking.

Little iPhone Selfie before we head out!

STOP #10: ~25 mins

DAY 2! We attempted to go first to Tilikum Place Cafe, but apparently, it is a 90-minute wait for the bar and all the tables were reserved. Being a San Franciscan, we don’t normally do reservations so I didn’t know reservations existed here in Seattle. Despite the fact, we were lucky enough to catch a 2:15pm reservation, which is right before the end of their brunch hour which is 3pm.

So instead, we went straight to Stumptown, one of the plenty coffee shops that Seattle has to offer. I grabbed a simple coffee and the Beef and Curry Bun for BreakFast since we had to rush to Stop #11. YES, the bun was so good.

STOP #11: ~120 mins

WHY DID WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME AT THIS PLACE? Football. DGB requested we stop by somewhere that would televise the Raider game. Known for their indoor and outdoor bocce ball and their beer garden, this place can be deemed perfect for those who would want to watch football in a not-so-crowded place. However, we did stop by before the Seattle Seahawks game.

I wish I was able to visit Rhein Haus during the night time, but during the day it’s not a bad place to hang either. So here you have it: your beer garden, bocce ball, and your German Beer here – and I did see corn hole!

The staff here isn’t up in their ass either and they KNOW their football – so I like to consider them as a great staff! They also mentioned that they are super busy when back-to-school hits (for college students) because they are located in between colleges.


STOP #12: ~10 mins

I don’t normally visit celebrity grave sites, but for some reason, you have to see Bruce Lee & Brandon Lee’s Grave when you’re in Seattle.

It’s not that hard to find, but here’s a play by play so you’re not roaming around the cemetery (and yes, you can drive your car here).
  • Start from the Playground Park
  • Head Straight down on 15th Street.
  • Turn left and enter the cemetery and head straight up the hill.
  • You’ll find a flagpole – turn around and you’ll find bushes around the two stones.
  • and, there it is. (behind their graves, stands a flagpole and a cross.)


People normally place their coins, flowers, and I suppose, a water bottle too like the picture above. This is my first time I’ve visited a “celebrity’s grave”, let alone a legend, so it feels crazy when you’re sitting right there on their site.


STOP #13: ~10 mins

We made a quick stop on the way back to our Brunch Reservation at Unicorn Bar because I wanted to try their famous JELLO SHOTS!

From the looks of the time of day that we went in, it looked like that the lemon shots were the only thing they had available. But no big deal – the lemon shots were PERF! I believe the bartender was also working on some other jello shots for their night.
We also overheard music playing in their downstairs spot- so if you like a funky type of crowd, this would be your place. From reviews and advise from the bartender we had at Seattle Beer Co., it seems that this would be one of your ideal spots to go bar hopping as well.

STOP #14: ~60 mins

Finally, back to the failed reservation that we made for Tilikum Place Cafe. I am so happy we did not X out this restaurant because it was SO GOOD! I TOTALLY recommend this brunch spot for anyone!
DGB grabbed the Special of the Day which was basically a Pulled Pork Benedict on a muffin, while I grabbed the Savory Dutch Crepe. Of course, we couldn’t do without the mimosas before we move on to new heights (get it? New heights because of Space Needle? No?).
So the same tip note from earlier: Make Reservations before you come here 🙂

STOP #15: ~90 mins

Off to Chihuly Garden & Glass and Space Needle! This is walking distance from the restaurant as you can see below.

The prices that you see online for both Chihuly and Space Needle are the same for when you order in at the Kiosk, so you don’t need to purchase anything in advance.
And if you are a bit confused with the slot time provided to you, well, the slot time that is given to you is the slot time that you are to head into Space Needle’s elevator (if you order the Chihuly Garden & Glass ticket, you are good to go in at any time).
So what we decided to do first is head into Chihuly Garden! I’d never thought I’d be so amazed by glass lol.
And as I mentioned, DGB and I are QUICK sight-seekers! So we finished browsing through the garden way before our time slot for Space Needle. While we waited for our time slot, we grabbed snacks at the 7-11 across the street and chilled around on the grass and rested our legs 🙂
Time to head on our way up! In case you didn’t know, Space Needle used to be a fancy, expensive restaurant back in the day. Although it’s not a restaurant now, they still do serve popcorn and drinks on top for those who would like to visit.

There is also a restaurant that is currently undergoing construction about 4 floors up from the ground. It is going to be the first-ever restaurant with glass floors. This is already a good reason to come back or for anyone who plans to visit in 2019.

STOP #16: ~50 mins

To move forward and to have a taste of Seattle’s seafood, we went to grab some oysters at The Walrus and the Carpenter. (WHY WERE THESE OYSTERS SO GOOD IM NOT SURE).




I’m used to $1 oysters during Happy Hour in San Francisco, so the price of these oysters was a bit jaw-dropping for me. Even though it’s about up to $3.50 an oyster, it’s still funny to order for ourselves because we’re so used to a $1 price!
No big deal though, we made our own FLIGHT of oysters and ordered the sweetest, mild, and the saltiest oyster.

STOP #17: ~40 mins

The last stop of the trip. I am relieved to end the trip with the signature Salted Caramel from Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.
They have several Molly Moon’s stores around Seattle, so you don’t have to worry about long lines when you come by – then again I went during the evening so I suppose this can be the best part of the day to go?
I’m really glad DGB wanted some ice cream because, for a second, I didn’t want to go. But if you need some good ice cream in the city, this stop would be it.


From reviews, everyone LOVES the salted caramel and I totally underestimated it is that good… and it was PRETTY DELICIOUS! It’s kind of like… having to stop by San Francisco and grabbing some Mitchell’s ice cream.
I feel like every shop in Seattle sells souvenirs, because Molly Moon’s also have T-shirts and other souvenirs!

End of the Night

It was time for “nap time”. Haha. We made our way back to the hotel so we can pack up, rest up, and head on our way back to San Francisco in the morning and go straight back to work.
It is tough to wake up in the next morning – so you gotta make sure you get your night’s rest!
If you would like any tips for transportation/parking, questions, or further information about my itinerary – feel free to comment below or email me! I can help you out with preparing for your trip 🙂
**All Gifs not Designed by Me**
This blog is dedicated to my English Teacher during my Sophomore and Junior year at Antioch High School.
She went to be with God last Friday, Sept 15th.
I hope my blog makes you proud, Mrs. Murphy ❤

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