Museum of Ice Cream Experience!

Happy Halloween!

I’ve been so busy for the past month and I SWEAR I have new videos/blogs/surprises for you. I’ve been getting caught up with flights tiring me out and catching a cold set me back just a bit!

But, that didn’t stop me from working and having fun!

What I AM excited to share with you are my little flicks of my friends at the Museum of Ice Cream! I caught plenty of candids and few posed shots BUT I wanted to showcase the favorites from our camera at this little event.

Now, what do I think about the Museum of Ice Cream? I mean, yes, It’s cool – but the museum was hot! (Temperature hot, my friends.) You would have thought that they would have at least have a real chilly museum since it’s about ice cream… and we were sweating bullets.

Nonetheless, the place is cute! The exhibit definitely had fun little distractions that would definitely take up your time. I’m probably more about spending time with people than really browsing an area, so we basically messed around the whole time we were in the museum. Yussir, I had fun!

With a group of 6 (and a group of people who doesn’t really read the did you know facts), we’ve spent a great hour and a half in the exhibit.

My faves: the MOCHI ICE CREAM AND THE ICE CREAM SCOOPS. There are treats EVERY corner so you’ll be all sugared up. I totally limited myself because I hate the feeling of sugar rush lol.

The favorite distraction of the museum: The boomerang videos! Haha omg, we made so much of these, I swear we weren’t too hyped about the sprinkle pool compared to making these videos.

For kids? Hell yes! They would love the candy decorations that the museum showcases. Although – I feel that certain things are not allowed to be touched and it’s more of a picture-taking event.

Further notes: use the restroom before you go AND eat before you go (unless you’re trying to have candy for dinner). They do not have a bathroom at every corner.

The price worth? I wouldn’t buy tickets if someone’s trying to resell and upsell. It’s totally worth the regular price.


A little pose with the scratch and sniff cherries:

A look at our friend touching the cherries (THAT WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE TOUCHED)DSC_0040

Trying to keep a straight face with the iconic Ice Cream Unicorn!DSC_0065DSC_0075DSC_0080

End of the Museum Chilling!DSC_0121DSC_0142


This is my face when I’m having fun:DSC_0130


Save the last picture of DGB because he’s the man behind the camera 😝

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