I Hate Pizza but I Found the Best Pizza in Life

I wouldn’t consider myself a Pizza connoisseur, because, one, I don’t love it, and two, I rather eat other food.


But before you judge me, I must say I outgrew it because I worked at a Pizzeria – that is Round Table Pizza. It was my first job ever and it was my first work perk, so I took advantage of it. I’ve had my fair loads at 16 years old, spending my lunch breaks eating a free personal pizza – customized by me – or even indulged myself on their weekend lunch hour buffet. I gained some pounds, got paid, and then became picky. Now, pizza is overrated – it’s old news to me (sorry, not sorry).

However, if I’m going to be spending some serious dough on some pizza, it better be some serious quality.

And of quality, I wouldn’t pass on settling down America’s pizza battle between Chicago and New York City, then trying out the roots in Italy.

I’ve tried it. I judged it. You probably might disagree,  but I’m here for it:


3. Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza – Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Everyone raves about the competition between a deep dish pizza and a thin crust pizza. For the longest, I believed deep dish pizza would be the one you had to beat. And IF THERE WAS a one deep dish pizza you would have to beat, then it would be a deep dish pizza from Lou’s in Chicago.

**Lean Sausage, Extra Cheese, and Tomato Sauce on Buttercrust


The Malnati’s Chicago Classic had me FULLLL.It was HUGE. Worth the price, worth the sharing, not too bad of a long ass wait either. It was like a big lasagna pie! Not bad, fam. However, if I was to pick one last pizza to eat, it wouldn’t be the deep dish.

It was for sure the definition of a PIE though.


2. Milan’s Margherita Pizza – Spontini

The roots of a Margherita pizza that one should try should be in Italy. We have yet to find out what would be considered the best pizza in Italy, but since we were already in Milan – why not try the BEST pizza in Milan.

Here we stopped at a place that my cousin suggested. Her being a Milano resident for over 20 years, we had to take it from her. It was quick, they popped out a Margherita pizza, and voila. Beautifully cut, personal slices.

** It’s margherita pizza


THE HEAVENS. It was glorious. It felt so healthy (is it supposed to?). I for sure knew this topped the deep dish pizza in Chicago. I’d eat it again. Matter of fact, I’d eat it every week, maybe every day. It was WONDERFUL.


1. New York’s Thin Crust Pizza – Lombardi’s Pizza

Since you see I’m already raving about a pizza in Italy – it’s hard to believe that I would choose a pizza back in the states!

When in NYC, you have to try the arch nemesis of the deep dish pizza… thin crust. New Yorkers have different suggestions on where you can find the best pizza, but I felt is was only right to stop by the oldest pizzeria in Manhattan.

And Maybe I cheated because we ordered the white sauce pizza (since people think the white sauce isn’t real pizza) but this is Pizza Quality I’m looking for, man.

**Fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta, Romano, Garlic, Herbs and Basil on Thin Crust


It was drool-worthy. Holy crap, this was just beyond my expectations. Not sure if it was because I was a bit drunk when I stopped by here, but this has to be the best pizza I ever had. Lord have mercy, I would totally come back to New York for this damn pizza.


But there I have it. The best 3 pizzas I had so far. Then again, I have yet to visit what most would be considered the best pizza spot in Italy, so maybe that could surpass the wonderful tastiness of that NYC pizza.

I’m here for suggestions. I’m here for debate. Do this, Pizza-loving friends who love quality – do it for those who think nothing of Pizza and share with me the best spots that are worth my money.




**All Gifs not Designed by Me**

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