Instagram Location for Tokyo Tower

It’s obvious that Tokyo Tower is a well-known location AND a must-see tourist attraction when you visit Tokyo. It also signifies that you did REAL touristy things when you visit Japan (obviously other than passing over to Shibuya crossing).   But what’s a dope spot that shows that you ACTUALLY saw the tower, but you saw it in a cool way… and took a cool photo…. for the gram?

DGB & I came across this pathway at Shiba Park (on the Onarimon Station side) and grabbed our quick photos.

Obviously, I don’t have all the photo editing magic powers in the world but you don’t need much when you already have the green trees and the blue skies. The contrast and depth is already beneficial to capturing your sick photo.   Also, we were on the way to try out Mario Kart Street Racing – so if you’re trying to knock two birds with one stone, this is one way to execute both activities.

One thing that I really would want to note: THERE ARE FIRE ANTS on the PATHWAY.  BE CAREFUL.

Other than that, the Address can be found right here:

3 Chome-2 Shibakōen Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 105-0011 Japan

And I hope you know what Mario Kart Street Racing is (you know, the funky super Mario costumes on the little go-karts? And also on the gram?) If you don’t – try it out! We were able to catch the night ride with Marikart Tours which made the experience so well-worth it. Have fun taking your photos!

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