I’m Back and I’m Better

2020. What a crazy year. 

There is almost always a silver lining in every difficult situation… and in this case, what we would consider a “situation” would actually mean “year”. And, of course, during the moments of everything difficult, we practically NEVER see this silver lining… until after it’s over.

Let’s be honest, staying indoors the entire year really can mess with your mentality. This morning, I started to have a little panic attack thinking about it what has happened this past year lol. I had to take a moment to sit back and think about any possible amazing thing and what I was really grateful for. I wrote it down… Not in here, just only for myself. But I have to consider myself blessed. 

Let’s also not forget about the fact that I have spent almost 2 years not updating this blog. I have this pattern where I give myself promises to constantly post again. But sometimes we can’t force things the way we would like, so reevaluations really had to come into play. I also wouldn’t call it an intense reevaluation, it’s that just that I didn’t want to post meaningless posts during those times… I also deleted several posts on this blog to feel some sort of refresher. 

Nonetheless, it’s tougher than what it sounds like, but it was hella much needed. I’ve always done my best to invest in this blog. And like I said, post-difficulties, I accepted that the situation came with a silver lining. 

I don’t want to take up too much of your reading time. It’s a simple blab about this year and the neglect of this blog, but I appreciate you for reading. 

And before I close out too, I’ll share one thing that I am very grateful for.

My new pups, Arya ❤

To better years ❤ 

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