Arya’s Christmas Tree + My WFH Essentials

So recently I’ve found out that the “Three Kings” is a Filipino custom that symbolizes the end of the Christmas season. Long story short, last of the gifts are given out to the children (article here) and we should wait until the Three Kings, or Jan 6th, to take down our holiday decor.

Now before I take down my decor, allow me to share with you the little tree, aka Arya’s Christmas tree. (How will I ever outdo myself if I ever have human babies?).

It’s simple. A little tree from Ross, a $9 Iron Throne ornament from Target, and extra ornaments. Just the entire concept makes me happy .

And since we’re entering another year of COVID, it was only right to straighten out the desk organization that I had to reintroduce back into my bedroom. The wires, the mess, the horror. I’m a cancer so I am dramatic, but please do allow me to share the list of items I’ve invested in for a cleaner, desk organization.

MY WFH Essentials


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