What a year… I’m engaged!

It has been 4 months since the wonderful date. This year has flown by, and it has provided me with unbelievable milestones that I have been praying for.

After so many heartbreaks of house hunting, DGB and I moved to our new home together over the summer. Shortly after, he proposed on our 7 year anniversary in Wine Country.

I’ve felt this year alone had me move at 200%. But can you believe it has been over 7 years since we decided to write our story? To think that I’ve had this blog long before I even met the guy lol.

I’ve had a lot of refreshes and restart since the blog started, nonetheless, I feel that every restart signified a new phase in my life. In this case, I never thought for it to be ceremonious.

Just like any other year, there’s a lot to learn from, yet a ton to be grateful for. I’m ready for the next phase. #2022

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