Introducing… Our Favorite Spot!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, DGB and I  constantly take a trip down to LA. Whether it is for Disneyland, Universal, any Festival or any Food spot – we’re just always out there doing something different. Now… the one place that he and I really do love going to (and try to stop by every time we go) is The Anchor – right there by Venice Beach 🙂 Continue reading “Introducing… Our Favorite Spot!”

Issa Celebration

Happy August!

July has been an eventful month (hence why I haven’t posted anything). My lovely DGB and I tried to fill every weekend with a bit of something – after all, it is our birthday month! Continue reading “Issa Celebration”

Portland, Oregon (72-hour Trip & First time visiting)

If you haven’t visited Portland, I say make some time to do so. Last Weekend was my first time visiting – and they have amazing food selections, really awesome beers, and the vibes are SUPER friendly. Continue reading “Portland, Oregon (72-hour Trip & First time visiting)”