First Vlog with DGB!

So after much discussion, contemplation, and procrastination, DGB & I finally gathered some time to get started on our vlog! Allow us to introduce ourselves with our 5 random facts.

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Twenty-Four with Love

This past weekend, I’ve celebrated 24 years of Life.

Now I know, it’s not quite the milestone number, but it in a humorous perspective – I can say it is the start of the mid-twenties.

And here in this mid-twenties, it would mark the second year out of college, the second year of your big-girl job, second year of paying twice as much as bills as you did in college. The transition over to this stage providing a reality check saying “HELLO, YOU’RE ADULTING” and there’s more going to come because you’re soon going to have kids! Continue reading “Twenty-Four with Love”

Why a 5-Year Plan is Important in Your Young 20’s

Lately, I have been thinking a bit into the future – and it’s not just out of random, but out of noticing my close friends passing milestones.

Since I’ve graduated high school, a numerous amount of people I’ve known has either had a baby, maybe two or three times, or have tied the knot. These people are not significantly my close friends, but they were people I knew by face and name yet still congratulated through Facebook or Instagram. Nothing wrong with getting married or having babies, it just wasn’t for me at that age. I’ve always had this notion that I wasn’t going to have my own kid until “5 years from now”  – and to be real, I’ve probably said this statement every year since I was 19. Continue reading “Why a 5-Year Plan is Important in Your Young 20’s”