Coachella Camping Checklist 2018

Hey Guys! I’m going to keep this post SIMPLE since Coachella is right HERE and need to get straight to the list! Continue reading “Coachella Camping Checklist 2018”


How to deal with H. Pylori

Disclaimer: Please take this blog post with a grain of salt. I’m only basing this upon experience, and what I would do differently if I went through this again. This is only here to serve as a personal perspective.

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How to Bullet Journal (First Time)

I am a bit late but at least we’re still in the first month of the year, so Happy New Year! Have you made any New Year Resolutions??

My NYE Resolutions hasn’t always been deemed as a big deal. Because I’ve always had an endless to-do list and always tried to keep the “get my life a little more together” thing a priority, I’ve always felt that maybe adding another NYE resolution to my little wittle bitty ol’ brain would just be another “to-do” on the list that would need to get done… EyeRoll. But then I realized, I kindaaaaaaa need to get this to-do list thing a little more together. Continue reading “How to Bullet Journal (First Time)”

Traveling Tips for the Ladies

How’s it hanging ladies!!!

Below are a few tips for you, but don’t worry – a few can apply to the men too! I’ve learned the hard way on how to pack and/or how to prepare for a mini-vacation or a long one, so here are a couple of tips that can help you out: Continue reading “Traveling Tips for the Ladies”