Hello Arizona!

I’m about two months late in blogging about this trip, but here it is!

Two weeks after LA, I flew to Arizona (first time there, by the way) and from what I remembered – the weather was absolutely amazing. Here in San Francisco, we’re not able to soak up the sun and enjoy a bit of a breeze so often. The weather fluctuates dramatically that we can rarely exactly predict what kind of weather we’ll have. Although San Francisco can be considered as “Fog City”, we do have our Indian summers that attract people all around the bay to come visit our beaches. Outside of San Francisco, the bay area experiences 90-100 degree kinds of weather as opposed to our 70-80 degree sunny warm weather when that “summer” arrives. However, in March we experienced some odd and intense cold so this was the perfect time to enjoy Arizona! It was very enjoyable because I was able to finally take in some sun and wear some shorts and a tank- I don’t remember the last time I dropped some sweat either!

The main reason for my travel was to visit a close childhood friend of mine- and nowadays it’s so rare for us to hold on to those! So many years of our friendship and although the distance is considered mildly far, I wouldn’t miss her daughter’s first birthday. It was such a fun experience for her since it was the very first party that she has ever thrown and hosted. There may have been a little stress, but it was still a successful party and her daughter was happy! We did have a bit of failed Pinterest inspirations, but no worries, I was there to help! For example,  Pom poms that were supposed to hang down from the ceiling- but it kept falling so instead we used it for the cake table. Originally, we were going to use the skirt that my friend made for around the table, but it served as the table backdrop. Also, take a look at the last-minute centerpiece! (Spoiled baby had TWO cakes by the way!)

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After the party, we went bar hopping and I bought my girl a well-deserved mojito for her first party 🙂

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On Sunday, we decided to have a last-minute spontaneous outing and watched the Giant’s play since it was spring training. That sun heated my beer pretty quick! I highly suggest trying to attend spring training some time!

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My stay was short since I arrived on a Friday night and left Sunday night due to my busy work and school schedule. But I do plan to visit her sometime soon and perhaps stay longer. I will also try some new things next time I travel there, so if you have any suggestions of where I should visit in Arizona, please do recommend!

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