July : The Birthday Surprise

So clearly, the small hiatus occurred because we’ve been out celebrating the cancer season. Cancer Season = Bday Season. And my honey gave me a little surprise on my day.

I had ZERO plans, except to spend a whole day running errands on my own. DGB was working and I needed some time off! I had my nails done, brows done, shopped a few things to treat myself. Lastly, I put my face on to head out for a quick dinner with DGB (silly gooser chose hot pot cuz he never wants to eat that with me). Then he INSISTED on taking pictures of me.

On the way back to our house, he was acting weird. What kinda gave it off was that he was so unbothered with which chick flick I wanted to watch. (the backstory is that on every special occasion like my birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Anniversary, we have to watch a chick flick **evil face**). So my thoughts – I shall prevail and make him watch a cringe-worthy love movie!


Plus, chick flicks are awesome, duh.

Anyway, then I started thinking about how everyone was acting a little strange the week before. I asked, “who was free on my bday” and hardy har…. (shocking!) no one was.

Then it made sense once I walked through the door at home – we couldn’t watch a movie.


I’ve surprised DGB twice before for his birthday, and he finally had the chance to get back at me! Nonetheless, I felt so loved that he threw me a surprise party, plus he was planning it for a week. Everyone came straight from work (someone else came straight from their flight!), and they even brought in my favorite drank, hehe.

Our friends even took their shoes off the carpet because they said it would be the first thing I’d notice during the surprise (BRB crying, im ded).

I had such a great birthday and I’m so glad everyone had a great time… we even busted out the polaroids.

I am thankful for the best of friends! Most importantly, I love and thank my other half for making everything happen for me ❤ It’s crazy, we’re older. (and yes, I still made him watch Princess Diaries 2 with me the next day).

**All Gifs not Designed by Me**

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