July : Our First Time Combining Our Birthdays

I suppose after 5 birthdays together with DGB, it was finally time to execute celebrating our birthdays together.

We wanted something big, but due to getting a new job, etc, etc, life happening, etc,etc (for someone reason this joint party fails every year lol) we instead busted out to Truckee! We airbnb’d a cabin and made the most glorious memories such as dubbing our number one slogan… “SHOT OCLOCK!”

That phrase makes my liver hurt now but the weekend flew by QUICK like all of the other weekends that happened in July.

And since we had a quick polaroid obsession the weekend before, here we go:

Our friends surprised us with a SICK snapchat filter, a poppin cake, AND if you can’t tell from the plenteous amount of polaroids – a dope photobooth background.

I honestly wish we had a longer amount of time in Truckee, especially since we only arrived Friday night and left Sunday morning. Nonetheless, we made the BEST out of the weekend – ESPECIALLY Saturday. We hopped into (what’s supposed to be “category fun”) river rafting and ended up in shambles towards the end. Although some of us flew out of the raft, we still were able to make it to an all-white night.

In the end, it didn’t matter where we went for our bdays. – everyone had the BEST time and, honestly, we could have lasted longer than this short weekend.

Anyway, if you had enough of reading my blog, allow me to share just one more thing… my favorite polaroid from the weekend:


Au Revoir!

**All Gifs not Designed by Me**

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