I’m CeeAbad – a retired sorority girl and a business marketing graduate. I’m loud, outspoken, out thereeeee, and an extrovert! As you can see, I have the ambition to become a spontaneous freelance writer… and I also hope that you can see my utmost passion for searching for new things. And if you don’t see either, well… I am a self-proclaimed adventurer who is sharing her personal memories and experiences with fellow travel enthusiasts! I hope I could spark yours/their inspiration to, not only dream, but also thrive outside of their comfort zone.

CeeHerGo is a blog that features traveling and my perspective of incredible sceneries, self-reflection, and thoughts that may have contributed to my current perspective on life. Readers will discover my interest in DIY projects, positive living, whilst the Travelers will be able to “see where I go” as each blog entails suggestions, peeks, and excitement.

In my other free time, I love to work out, eat sushi, and drink once in a while maybe with friends and family back home in San Francisco!

Feel free to contact me for any questions, recommendations, or advice. These are my adventures! Enjoy!

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu


Feel free to email me: hello@ceehergo.com